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What is VirtualBroker?

The VirtualBroker is a Virtual Reality application that helps in visualizing properties using immersive technology. VirtualBroker application is a great way for realtors to market staged properties and buyers can experience immersive, three-dimensional walkthroughs of properties. Using VirtualBroker, realtors, architect and interior designer firms can offer clients VR experience that wasn’t even imaginable ever before.

Uses of VirtualBroker Virtual Reality
application in Real Estate

Get more ROI from your
sales force

Simulate real life walkthrough

Reduce Sales Cycle

Showcase yet to be
constructed properties

Send Property to Buyer

Give a sense of scale, size,
height and depth


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  •    Reasons to engage with VirtualBroker
  •    Sell everyday of the week: No more dependency on weekends!
  •    Ease your customer's pain: Take the property to your customer's location
  •    Amazing new technology: Virtual Reality
  •    Visualize a space during the design phase and immerse your clients for a “feel” of it
  •    No more dependency on imagination: Get an immersive feel and “walkthrough” the entire space
  •    Eliminate “model/show apartments”
  •    Increase cost efficiencies
  •    Showcase more designs and/or Floor Plans to your clients
  •    Let your clients "walkthrough" your Master Plan
  •    Enable Interior Designers to be able to showcase their designs in Virtual Reality


The output of the VirtualBroker Virtual Reality application built on HTC VIVE VRTM and Oculus RIFTTM is shown below for your convenience as a video.

We have built our systems on the HTC VIVE VRTM and Oculus RIFTTM Standalone VR which uses the immensely popular Oculus or Steam platform. We use the HTC Head Mounted Device (Oculus RIFTTM) along with a Gamepad controller to enable a consumer to navigate and get an immersive “walkthrough” the Real Estate Space.


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