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  • Ryan Brock

    "This was a very tough project to achieve. Working with Ira Softwares and his team, we were able to make this project happen. Great job Ira Softwares and on to the next project!"

  • Text Weber's Client

    "This was a difficult project - There were many unforeseen curve balls that came our way. Ira Softwares worked hard and kept to the task until they were complete. Will be back to hire his team again !!!"

  • Collins Koyaya

    "IRA Softwares has a committed and reliable developer with a very trust worthy team! My project being a live project with thousands of dollars orders processing daily, we never lost even 1 cent throughout the all project! Which at the beginning it was one of our major concern! Apart from getting the job done according to our specifications, no matter how complex and delicate the task! He his someone that listen and cares about your project, which was one of the key to the success of this project. Our Android app is the first of its kind in most part of the world today that offers a payment solution and electronic currencies provider that process sale of PM and BTC automatically among other wonderful features! I have no doubt in my mind that he and his team can handle any size of project ranging from financial projects like banking software to infinity. We look forward to working with him again and again!"

  • Jesus Cisneros

    "Nittile and his entire team are great. They have great understanding of language and were very supportive on landing our requirements. this is a deffinite reccomendation to hire them. "

  • Michael Emelieze

    "They were very good and prompt with delivery."

  • Glen Lloyd Saldhana

    "Excellent work. Delivery was on time and as requested"

  • Collins Koyaya

    "Nittile is a committed and reliable man with a very trust worthy team! The project being a live project with thoUSands of dollar’s transaction processing daily, we never lost a cent!"

  • Paul Kalemkiarian

    "Unbelievably fast, great response time, great communication. I've never worked with a more adept and skilled partner. I consider myself lucky to have found him."

  • Chazz Princeton

    "Ira Softwares was probably one of the best I have ever worked with. He was very professional, thorough, communicative, and went above and beyond on the assignment. My project proved to be extremely complicated - more so then previoUSly known. He didn't jUSt try to "tweak" any problems to get results. He did a thorough analysis of the issue, discovered additional problems and worked with me through each issue while elaborating and explaining it all to me. Can't recommend Ira Softwares enough. Well worth every money spent. "

  • Deo Dell

    “Ira Software is the BEST!!! They were knowledgeable, patient, and very professional. Always willing to revise in order to ensure satisfaction. He's always going to be my go to guy.

  • Michal Jennison

    "Everything went well. Very easy to work with. Willing to do whatever was needed to finish project. Even with roughly defined scope, there was no friction in defined ending point. We'd definitely work with IRA Softwares again. Thanks good job."

LinkedIn Recommendations

I would personally recommend Ira Softwares for ERP based project leadership role - and I am overseeing his next wave of career development towards full breadth project management. Ira Softwares is also very personable and likeable, he's very flexible and people enjoy working with him. I have complete trust in him professionally and personally. I recommend Ira Softwares very strongly and can personally verify that he is indeed within the top 1% of the A-team players.
Gestão de Projetos SAP na Votorantim Cimentos.

Eduardo Matias

SAP Senior Consultant na Bayer Holding Ltd.
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

We highly recommend Ira Softwares and his team for programming projects. They have been a reliable partner and take pride in their work. Ira Softwares is detailed oriented and effectively communicated project status on a regular basis. Nittle and his team produced great results for our company, we would happily hire them again!

Ryan Brock

Senior Executive / Founding Partner
Tampa, Florida


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