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  • Chief Technology Officer, OnMed, MD-PLUS Inc

    This was a very tough project to achieve. Working with Ira Software and his team, we were able to make this project happen. Great job Ira Software and the on to the next project!

    We definitely went above the norm with this project... IRA Software has been easy to work with and will definitely be bringing more work their way. It's all about communication and relationship building. They definitely have these work ethics. Thanks for the hard work!

    This was a very difficult C++ and C# project of taking multiple SDK projects and remotely viewing the data. IRA Software team did exceptional work with this and will be hired for many more projects to come.

    This was a new type of programming for the team. They did exceptionally well and overcame a huge hurdle. Love working with IRA Software. Now, onto the next task!

  • CEO, Afripaypal

    IRA Software has a committed, reliable, and trustworthy team of developers! My project, being a live project with thousands of dollars in orders processed daily, we never lost even 1 cent throughout all projects! which, in the beginning, it was one of our major concerns! Apart from getting the job done according to our specifications, no matter how complex and delicate the task! IRA Software's team listens and cares about your project, which was one of the keys to the success of this project. Our Android app is the first of its kind in most parts of the world today that offers a payment solution and electronic currency provider that processes the sale of PM and BTC automatically, among other wonderful features! I have no doubt in my mind that the IRA Software team can handle any size of the project, ranging from financial projects like banking software to infinity. We look forward to working with them again and again!

    IRA Software is a committed and reliable man with a very trustworthy team! The project was a live project with thousands of dollars in transaction processing daily. We never lost a cent! very patient and always ready to work. Good work! Good Speed

    Great Speed! Great Job!! I would like to work with him again and again and again. Great job and great speed.

  • Periodista, Gerente de Información y Productor de Espectaculos, TV Azteca

    IRA Software and their entire team are great. They have great understanding of language and were very supportive on landing our requirements. this is a deffinite reccomendation to hire them.

  • Consultant at SoCalGas, SoCalGas

    They were very good and prompt with delivery.

  • Senior KNX programmer , Gazzaoui Group

    Excellent work. Delivery was on time and as requested

  • President, Jennison Corporation

    Everything went well. Very easy to work with. Willing to do whatever was needed to finish project. Even with roughly defined scope, there was no friction in defined ending point. We'd definitely work with IRA Softwares again. Thanks good job.


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