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Kaizen Cloud

KAIZENCLOUD is the ideal solution for simplifying and effectively coordinating business management for small, medium and large businesses. The simple and intuitive interface lets user organize their recordings instantly. The interactive notifications system keeps users up to date on all scheduled schedules.

Technical Description

1. Deadlines: Schedule and manage any type of deadline. Customize notifications and stay up to date.

2. Servicing: Record and supervise routine maintenance of plants, equipment and machinery.

3. Human Resources: Manage employees, schedule and monitor their training and medical visits. Manage internal communications easily.

4. Measurement Tool: Manage the calibration status of the measuring instruments used to control processes.

5. Problem Solving: Manage problems, define causes, treatment and corrective actions. Analyze non-quality cost statistics.

6. Document Management: Archive and share relevant documents of internal and external origin. Keep revision status and information distribution under control.

7. Customers: Manage the relevant data of your customers and all the activities provided.

8. Consultancy: Manage periodic consulting contracts with customers without any problems Plan and supervise the consulting activities provided.

9. Academy: Create courses inventory, qualify teachers and plan the training courses. Courses and documentation management becomes simple and intuitive.

10. Project: Control the phases of projects, define the budget, manage resources and work commitments. Statistics will help you to know the operating margins for every project at any time.

11. Admin: Manage users, access modes and privileges.

12. Custom Module: KAIZENCLOUD can be enhanced with customized modules according to any request.

13. Language: The system can be accessed in two languages English and Italian.

  • Skills: MySQL, Javascript, AJAX , JQUERY, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Technology: PHP, CodeIgniter


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